The 2023 edition of the DucatoPrize is conceived as an observatory on national and international artistic personalities and is rooted in the relationship between the individual and the cosmos, where the universe is seen as an agglomeration of bodies viewed from a single observation point.


This edition is under the direction of Giacomo Pigliapoco, independent curator, and will introduce several new features, such as: the finalists in this edition will increase from three in each category to five, for a total of 10 finalists who will be part of the final exhibition; the selection is entrusted to an entirely renewed Collectors Board and jury, the latter consisting of: Julieta Aranda, Nerina Ciaccia, Luigi Fassi, Stéphane Ibars, Bernardo Mosqueira.

50 Selected artists

The 50 selected artists will be included in the DP23 catalog and are divided as follows: 40 from Contemporary section + 10 from Academy Contemporary: Alix Marie, Alfredo Aceto, Andro Eradze, Julie Grosche, Mateusz Choróbski, Agnieszka Mastalerz, Davide Sgambaro, Wisrah Villefort, Daniele Costa, Edson Luli, Shafei Xia, Maria Laet, Eleonora Luccarini, Sybil Montet, Davide Stucchi, Vasilis Papageorgiou, Giuliana Rosso, Kyriaki Goni, Tomaso De Luca, Mila Panic, Rodrigo Hernández, Jieun Lim, Terrence Musekiwa, Andrea Sala, Raffaela Naldi Rossano, Paolo Ciregia, Sofie Tobiášová, Diego Gualandris, Xavier Robles de Medina, Corinna Gosmaro, Liao Wen, Pamela Diamante, Francesco João, Helena Hladilová, Andrea Nacciarriti, Judith Neunhäuserer, Marilisa Cosello, Adji Dieye, Ambra Castagnetti, Silvia Rosi. Academy: Agnes Questionmark, Friedrich Andreoni, Gala Hernández López, Luca Campestri, Rachele Montoro, Alla Zhyvotova, Giuseppe Di Liberto, Matteo Lisanti, Flavia Spasari, Matteo Trentin.

10 Finalists

Contemporary: Adji Dieye, Tomaso De Luca, Xavier Robles de Medina, Wisrah Villefort, Liao Wen Academy: Friedrich Andreoni, Luca Campestri, Gala Hernandez López, Flavia Spasari, Alla Zhyvotova


Set in the former Church of Sant’Agostino, the DucatoPrize exhibition was divided into two parts, reflecting the two prize categories and it featured works by the 10 finalists. Fosbury Architecture's architectural design – collective founded in 2013 by Giacomo Ardesio, Alessandro Bonizzoni, Nicola Campri, Veronica Caprino and Claudia Mainardi – rethought the aisles with attention to sustainability through the use of two materials: a white stretch film used for packaging and building blocks, made of autoclaved aerated concrete (CAA). The stretch film temporarily altered the flows and spatiality of the interior environment, while the building blocks designed the supports of the ten works in the exhibition.


The winners, announced during the Sept. 23 opening, were: Adji Dieye for the Contemporary category, Friedrich Andreoni for the Academy, Wisrah Villefort wins the Residency Prize and Tomaso De Luca the Collector's Board special mention. In particular, the prize for the Contemporary section, open to all artists, national and international, with no age limit, sees an acquisition prize of €10,000. The Academy prize, aimed at students enrolled in Academies and Art Institutes, national and international, public and private, consists of a sum of €1,000. Also awarded, as in every edition of the DucatoPrize, is a special mention from the Collector's Board, which singles out a deserving artist selected by the committee of collectors. In addition to this year's novelties, a Residency Prize is established in collaboration with IRIS Project, an artist residency in Venice Beach, Los Angeles - California that will bring Villefort to Los Angeles for a one-month period in 2024.

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